Klamath County Republicans

Klamath County
Republican Party

About Us

The mission of the Klamath County Republican Central Committee is to organize Republican volunteers in an effort to inform voters, identify favorable voters, and encourage them to vote.


We believe that individuals enjoying the benefits of freedoms must accept responsibility for their own actions. We believe all people are created equal; we oppose any form of prejudice, racism or bigotry.

We believe in strong families that are formed through traditional family units, and in the parents' commitment to provide the positive nurturing care and discipline to their children. We believe that parents have the primary right and responsibility for the education of their children.

We reaffirm President Reagan's Personhood Proclamation of January 14, 1988 in which he declares: "the inalienable personhood of every American from the moment of conception until death."

We believe that English should be the official language of the United States of America. English education for non-English speaking students should be by immersion.

We support the reduction of governmental interference and restrictive tax structures, to create real business growth and jobs. We oppose a sales tax and any value added tax. We support a Constitutional limit on state spending.

We believe sustained and sound agriculture, natural resource use, physical environment, wildlife management and land use depends on the principles of private property rights, multiple uses of public lands, science based management tools, and includes the socio-economic needs of the citizenry.

We believe that private development and management of economically feasible and efficient energy resources, in all forms existing and developing, be encouraged by the State of Oregon to meet long-term needs.

We believe that all law abiding citizens have an individual right to keep and bear arms.

The rights of accused or convicted criminals are adequately protected by the Constitutions of the State and the Nation. We believe victims should have no less consideration. We believe swift and sure punishment is a deterrent to crime.

We recognize and welcome all economic contributions of legal immigrants to the United States and Oregon. We expect that the State and Federal government to strictly enforce all immigration laws. We support strong measures to secure all borders of the United States of America.

We reaffirm the sovereignty of the United States. We will not relinquish control of our territories, citizenry, taxing authority or resources to any foreign entity, such as the U.N.

We support President George W. Bush in his efforts to fight terrorism. Any nation which supports or assists any terrorists or nations in attacking the U.S. should be considered an enemy of the U.S. We believe the United States should support groups throughout the world that are advancing and fighting for the cause of democracy and freedom.