Klamath County Republicans

Klamath County
Republican Party

Name: E. Werner Reschke

Position:  Oregon Representative, House District 56

2016 Candidate Survey
1.  How long have you lived in Klamath County?

I have lived in Klamath County the past 15 years. I
first fell in love with my wife, who is from the area, and then soon fell in love with the land and the natural beauty of the Klamath Basin. I have been a resident of Oregon my entire life. I have also lived in Beaverton, The Dalles and Corvallis.

2.  What is your current occupation? I own an online marketing agency that provides custom
websites, email marketing, social media and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services.
3.  Are you employed elsewhere?  If so, do you plan on leaving your current job if elected?

If elected, I will continue to manage my business with an excellent team.

4. Family:  Married, single, children, etc.?

I am married to my wonderful wife for 24 years and we
have one son who is a Junior at Hosanna Christian School.

5. Have you ever been involved with a political party or organization while in Klamath County?  If so, in what capacity? Yes, I have been a conservative Republican my entire life.  I became more involved in local Klamath politics around 2010.  I have been a regular participant at the local Republican meetings in Klamath Falls and have spoken several times on various ballot measures.
6. Are you involved with any local organizations (clubs, churches, sporting teams, etc)?

I was a Klamath Chamber Board Member from 2012-2016. I am an active member of the local fellowship at Calvary Chapel in Klamath Falls.

7. What do you see as the most important issue facing Oregon at this time?

The ever-growing government is out of control. If we wish to return to Oregon’s former glory days we must limit the size and scope of Salem’s reach and power.

8. How would you address this issue?

We have too many laws, too many rules, too many bureaucracies that are inefficient and don’t work. All of this costs Oregonians more and more each year. Limited government means less government. We need to rethink all of these laws, programs and agencies and then eliminate those that have proven they do not work at the State level.

9. What is your philosophy on tax increases, bond measures, etc.? 

I do not believe Salem has a funding problem, it has a spending problem. Therefore, new taxes and increased taxes are not the answer.

10. What do you believe the role of state government is?

Government’s primary role is to protect our natural rights as given to us by God the Creator — to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If government focused on these items, we would would all live better lives.

11. What do you see as the function of a State Representative?

To represent ALL the people of this district, not just a specific group. In essence to work for policies that benefit all the people, not just special interest groups.

12. Regarding jobs or new businesses – how to you intend to “attract” new business to the Basin?

I don’t believe that is the direct role of government. What government can do is to make a business climate friendly by decreasing taxes and regulation so companies can see a positive economic advantage (greater profit potential) to locating in the Basin as opposed to other areas.

13. It has been said by some businesses who have looked to expand into the basin, that there is not a sufficient or qualified labor force to support them.  How would you address this issue?

I do not believe in central planning. Therefore, I do not see this as an issue to address at the State level but at the local county level. Governments can only create a business friendly environment.
Anything beyond that becomes government picking favorites (winner and losers) which I believe is what quickly turns into crony capitalism.

14. It has been said by some retail businesses looking to expand that there is not the population or enough potential spend in the basin to support another retail shop.  How would you address this issue?

I would start by letting people keep more of the money they earn by lowering taxes and by eliminating the minimum wage laws (which drive all prices upward). That would provide more disposable income for each person which makes businesses more attracted to the area.

15. We know that the voters in the state of Oregon voted to legalize marijuana.  What do you think about marijuana?  Is it something that should be legalized for recreational use? For medicinal purposes?  Should there be any regulations on it?

Marijuana must be discussed in two categories: medical use and recreational use. There is enough evidence to show some medicinal qualities of cannabis for doctor prescribed disease management, so this should be studied further. As for recreational use, I completely oppose the encouragement or expansion of this drug on our streets, due to the toxic mind-altering effects of cannabis. Just because something is legal, does not make it right. If it does, then why did Lincoln go to war over slavery? Was not slavery legal in America for over two centuries? Lincoln fought a civil war because he knew slavery was wrong. If we want a civil society, the moral code always trumps the legal one.  Therefore, I believe we should work to make marijuana illegal for recreational use as it was before.

16. Recently there was a protest in Malheur County over federally controlled land. Currently the federal government controls around 59% of property in Klamath County.  What is your position regarding federal government controlling state and county lands?

The Federal Government should divest itself of all lands in Oregon, yielding them back to the State, Counties and/or citizens. Studies show that for every dollar invested by the Federal Government on lands they
control, the return is 72¢, a lost of 28¢ on every dollar. However for State governments, for every dollar spent the return in is between $14-15, and likely higher for private individuals/companies.  The Federal Government is the worst efficient organization to control lands in Oregon and we should demand our land back. The west’s economy is built on good stewardship of natural resources and Federal Government control prevents that.

18. Do you agree with the dam removals?

No. I think the dams were a great giq given to us by our grandparents. They built and paid for a source of power that is a fantastic use of natural resources, which provides, clean affordable energy to everyone in the Basin.  To arbitrarily destroy this giq is a travesty on many levels. First it eliminates clean, renewable and affordable power. Second it would require more water travel down the Klamath River to maintain river heights in accordance with current EPA biological opinions for fish. This would put a greater strain on water use for irrigation. Finally, the replacement for low cost power provided by the dams is expensive such as with part-time solar panels. Who in their right mind would cut the main power to their home in favor of running an auxiliary generator 1/2 of the 4me? No one, yet this is exactly what would happen with dam removal.

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